#7 - Sleepaway Camp

I think I might have including this flick in previous lists but fuck it, I'm posting it anyway. "Sleepaway Camp" is still one of my all-time favorite horror/slasher movies and is without a doubt the holder of one the best "WTF Moments" in horror history. I won't give anything away, but let's just say this, if you've never seen this movie then sit back and watch as the bodies stack up and reveal one of strangest endings ever!! The story goes like this, our leading lady Angela, played by horror icon Felissa Rose, loses both of her parents in a boating accident. After that she is never the same again, she becomes withdrawn and distant. Angela is turned over to her wacky Aunt Martha and cousin Ricky and soon the both of them are sent away to summer camp. Once they arrive at Camp Arawak kids begin disappearing and turning up dead in a bizarre string of violent murders. Who's responsible for such heinous crimes? A madman in the woods? One of the counselor's? Or is it the one you least expect? Also, a quick fun fact for you, the band CKY got their name from the movie, thought I'd toss that in. Watch the full movie below........

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